Stud Services

  • Stud fee is $1800, the stud fee is expected within four (4) days of the litter’s arrival. A service fee of $300.00 is expected by the time the semen is shipped and will be deducted from the total stud fee.

  • The bitch owner will be responsible for the following additional costs:
    • All costs incurred for semen collection for an initial or repeat breeding. A $200.00 hundred dollar non-refundable service fee is to be paid prior to the shipment of semen. This will be deducted from the stud service.
    • The bitch owner is responsible for providing the chilled semen kit prior to reproduction needs. We recommend the use of Canine Express. We provide the extender at an additional cost of $50.00. All shipping charges are paid for by the bitch owner. To facilitate shipping, it is recommended that the bitch owner have a Fed Ex account. If you do not already have a Fed Ex account, you can easily create a free account by clicking here.
    • To facilitate successful breeding, we require the use of progesterone testing to help identify the ideal window of opportunity for a successful breeding. The bitch owner should contact us at the onset of the estrus cycle and report changes in progesterone levels on a frequent basis. This will help ensure our ability to plan for collection and shipping, and will also help to pinpoint the day of ovulation. As there are different methods for testing progesterone levels, we prefer the serum method (results in ng/ml) as we find that to be most accurate.
    • A breeding is guaranteed to produce a litter. A litter is defined as two (2) or more live births. To receive the litter guarantee, you must meet the following requirements:
      • Perform frequent progesterone testing to pinpoint optimal breeding conditions
      • The insemination process must be performed by a knowledgeable reproductive veterinarian or established breeder
      • If a litter is not produced from the initial breeding, the bitch owner is responsible for notifying Davris Labradors within thirty (30) days of the expected due date. Unless such notice is given, the right to a return service is forfeited. If notified of a failed breeding within the allotted time, a return service will be made available to the same bitch for a period of two years after the original breeding date. There will be no return service after a second failed breeding.

  • We will NOT be responsible for loss or damage of semen during shipping or late arrival.

  • As stud dog owner, we retain the right to refuse a breeding at any time.

  • There will be no refunds of a stud fee.

  • Once the litter arrives, the remaining stud fee is payable within 4 days to:

Dave Hodge
3270 Butternut Dr.
Norton, OH 44203
(330) 603-1332

  •  Please contact us for additional information.